Leverage the Power of Smart Contract to distribute your token allocations


Pulsar Money’s Vesting Module is designed to provide a seamless, transparent, and efficient solution for managing token vesting. This feature allows projects to allocate tokens to their community, investors, and team members in a decentralized and immutable manner. By leveraging our Vesting Smart Contracts, you diminish the need for trust and third-party intermediaries, ensuring a reliable and automated process for token distribution.

Features of the Vesting Contract

  • Cancellable: The Sender can choose to create a Vesting that is cancellable, providing flexibility in case of changes. Alternatively, the Vesting can be made immutable, offering a higher certainty that funds will be distributed according to the preset schedule. The Receiver can choose to cancel a stream if necessary in the case of the cancellable variant.

  • Cliff: The cliff feature allows projects to delay the initial distribution of tokens until a specific point in time. Once the cliff period is reached, a predetermined percentage of tokens is released. This ensures that initial token releases are controlled and aligned with the project’s milestones.

  • Details: The details parameter helps in managing multiple vesting contracts by providing an identifier or some context towards the vesting.

  • Frequency: The release frequency can be customized to fit the project’s needs, whether it’s quarterly, monthly, bi-monthly, or any other interval that suits your vesting schedule.

How to Set Up a Vesting Contract for Your Project

Setting up a Vesting contract with Pulsar Money is straightforward and can be done in a few simple steps:

1. Access the Vesting Module:

• Visit Pulsar Money Vesting.

• Connect your wallet that holds the assets you wish to vest.

2. Configure Your Vesting Contract:

  • Token: Select the token you wish to vest.

  • : Enter the recipient’s wallet address to which the tokens will be vested.

  • Cliff Date: Set the date when the vesting starts, often referred to as the initial lock-up period. For example, if a project has a 3-month lock-up period before distributing tokens, set the Cliff Date to the end of this period.

  • Cliff Release in %: Specify the amount to be released at the cliff date (start date). This can differ from subsequent releases and allows for an initial large release. Afterwards the regular frequency will apply.

  • End Date: Set the date when the vesting contract concludes, ensuring all tokens are released by this time. This provides a clear endpoint for the vesting period.

  • Cancellable/Uncancellable Switch: Decide if the Vesting can be cancelled. For an immutable contract, set it to uncancellable, offering even more transparency.

  • Vesting Name: Add a tag to identify the Vesting Smart Contract. This name will appear on your Dashboard, making it easier to track and manage multiple contracts.

  • : Choose the interval for token releases within the vesting contract, such as quarterly, monthly, or any other preferred schedule.

*For more distributions you can click the plus sign below and add multiple Vestings each with its own name and token amount. You can also imput a CSV that will handle automatically an increased amount of distributions to investors / token allocation recipients.

3. Finalize and Deploy:

• Review all the parameters to ensure accuracy.

• Check the agree-to-terms box and submit your configuration.

• Confirm and deploy the vesting contract by signing the transaction with your wallet.

Benefits of Using Pulsar Money Vesting Smart Contracts

  • Automated and Transparent: All transactions are recorded on the blockchain, providing a transparent and verifiable record of token distributions.

  • Immutable: Once set to uncancellable, the contract ensures that the vesting schedule cannot be altered, providing assurance to investors and stakeholders.

  • Customizable Parameters: Tailor the vesting schedule to meet the specific needs of your project with customizable cliffs, release frequencies, and cancellation options.

  • User-Friendly Interface: The Pulsar Money platform offers an intuitive interface that simplifies the process of setting up and managing vesting contracts.


Example 1 Consider a project that needs to vest MEX tokens to community members over an 18-month period with a 9-month cliff. The project can set the Cliff Date to nine months from the start, with an initial release of 10% at the cliff and the remaining tokens released per second over the following nine months. This ensures community members receive tokens gradually, aligned with the project’s milestones.

•	Token: MEX
•	Address: erd19m7pd2zjmlcexu04u5r9lacwwmzgd5t3qmc9v6jwvp0dx57xxl5sjt4dne
•	Start Date: December 8th, 2024
•	Cliff Release in %: 10%
•	End Date: June 8th, 2026
•	Cancellable/Uncancellable Switch: Cancellable
•	Vesting Name: Community Vesting 
•	Frequency: Per Second

Example 2 A project that needs to vest 1M XTOKENS tokens to team members over a 24-month period with a 1-year cliff. The project can set the Cliff Date to one year from the start, with an initial release of 15% at the cliff and the remaining tokens released quarterly over the following year. This ensures team members receive tokens gradually, aligned with the project’s milestones.

•	Token: XTOKENS
•	Amount: 1000000 (this is written next to each Address)
•	Address: ERD Addresses uploaded by CSV
•	Start Date: June 8th, 2024
•	Cliff Release in %: 15%
•	End Date: June 8th, 2026
•	Cancellable/Uncancellable Switch: Uncancellable
•	Vesting Name: Team Vesting Plan + [name of team member] (this is written next to each Address)
•	Frequency: Quarterly

Upcoming Features:

  • Refill and Extend Function: A feature in progress that will allow users to refill and extend an active stream, providing even more flexibility in managing vesting schedules.

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