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Learn more on how you can utilise the dApp to leverage these tools that make it easy for users and projects to interact with blockchain assets in automatic and efficient ways. The first module of the platform is granting users features such as vesting contracts, which boosts the way web3 startups commit allocations of treasury, funds and tokens. Streaming assets revolutionise the way payments are done, while Vaults provide secure and transparent proofs for holding token. Finally Staking allows users to earn rewards for holding and supporting a project.


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About Pulsar Money

Pulsar Money is Web3 Protocol that provides real-time, on-chain financial tools leveraging Smart Contract technology. The initial offering includes social payments, token vaults, asset streaming, and vesting smart contracts, payment links and invoicing module with a lineup of new products poised for release on MultiversX. With a mission to establish an advanced solution for engaging with blockchain value, the protocol aims to advance the digital finance , making blockchain interactions more accessible, efficient, and seamless for a wide range of users and applications.


Pulsar Money is committed to delivering next-generation solutions for engaging with value on the blockchain. Our aim is to automate and enhance the efficiency of on-chain interactions between entities. We focus on developing new, real-time tools and solutions that minimize friction and maximize ease of use, driving forward the efficiency and effectiveness of blockchain transactions.

Pulsar Money stands at the forefront of revolutionizing digital transactions with our Smart Payments Hub. Our mission is to reshape the way digital payments are made, using the latest in blockchain technology to offer streamlined, innovative, and advanced payment solutions. Our suite, including Social Pay, Vesting, Vaults, Payments Link, Invoicing Module and more upcoming modules, is designed from the ground up to transform payments, interactions, and transfers.

The longstanding goal in the blockchain industry has been to shape the way transfers are made and to onboard billions into the web3 era. With the strong infrastructure layers like MultiversX, Pulsar Money is leveraging these powerful tools to create viral applications and a thriving ecosystem. Our focus is on driving mass adoption and simplifying the payment process, making blockchain technology more accessible and user-friendly than ever before.

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