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Explore the Pulsar Money Documentation! This resource is designed to help you make the most of our dApp, providing everything from detailed guides and FAQs to step-by-step tutorials and visual aids. Whether you’re setting up vesting contracts, utilising our asset streaming features, or exploring our secure token Vaults, you’ll find simple instructions here. Additionally, learn how to leverage staking, perform swaps and use all the other features within the #SmartPaymentsHub. Our documentation ensures you have all the support you need to navigate and utilise Pulsar Money’s powerful features effectively.

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About Pulsar Money

Pulsar Money is reshaping payments, all within one Smart Payments Hub, tailored for both personal and business users. The platform currently features highly utilised modules such as social payments, token vaults, asset streaming, vesting smart contracts, payment links, or invoicing tools. The vision is to create a powerful, ever-expanding hub that simplifies complexity and offers powerful payment tools. Pulsar Money is dedicated to making digital transfers intuitive, efficient and creative, driving innovation and enhancing user engagement with advanced payment solutions.


Pulsar Money is all about making digital payments seamless and more intuitive for everyone, whether you're handling personal finances or running a business. Our aim is to automate and enhance the efficiency of on-chain transfers, minimising friction and maximising ease of use for both personal and business users. Our suite of products is built to integrate smoothly into daily operations, simplifying complex financial tasks and making advanced tools readily accessible to everyone.

We focus on accelerating growth, simplifying the payment process, and making advanced payment solutions accessible and user-friendly. With the solid infustructure layer of MultiversX, Pulsar Money isn't just building apps; we're accelarating an entire Ecosystem.

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