Social Payments

Supported on Twitter and Discord


Social Pay is one of the engaging features of Pulsar Money set to redefine social media interactions between its users and community. This feature leverages the social media environment to simplify and enhance digital financial interactions while adding engaging use case to it.

Social Pay allows users to drive instant ESDT transfers on the MultiversX network through social media platforms, with the initial rollout focusing on X and Discord. This unique and user-centric approach transforms the digital payment experience, opening up new possibilities for interactions between users, social media campaigns and payments at large.

Here are several use cases linked to Social Pay:

  1. By simply mentioning '@PulsarTransfer' along with the recipient's handle on Twitter, users can initiate a transfer of EGLD, USDC or any ESDT based token. This bridges the gap between social engagement and blockchain, bringing a fresh and exciting dynamic to the digital payments realm.

  2. Advanced Campaign Management: A great feature is the ability to manage advanced campaigns that include batch transactions. Users can make payments to up to 1000 recipients simultaneously, based on various social interactions such as likes, shares, and comments. This functionality makes it an ideal tool for digital marketers, influencers, and businesses running social promotions or giveaways.

Getting Started with Social Pay

Using Social Pay on X:

Let's guide you through a few simple steps to connect your social media accounts to Pulsar Money and set up Social Pay:

Using Social Pay with X:

  1. To start using Social Pay, connect your X account to Pulsar Money

  1. Prepare your Social Pay Balance: Top up your Social Payments account to be able to transfer the ESDT you want via X and Discord and make sure you also have a small amount of EGLD to cover the gas fees as well as the monetiozation fee.

Currently there are 2 types of subscriptions for the Social Pay:

1. Freemium Subscription:

This offers up to 25 transfers per day and a maximum of 3 campaigns each day, all at no cost. No need to sign up for this. This is automatically linked to your account.

2. Premium Subscription:

To exceed the 25 daily transfers and 3 campaign limits, you need to activate the Premium Subscription. With this, transfers beyond the initial 25 are subject to a small fee of 0.000095 EGLD each. There's no additional fee or one-time charge for activating Premium Subscription.

  1. If you plan to run a campaign with more than 25 transfers, make sure to activate the Pulsar PRO Subscription under the Profile section. This won’t incur any additional fees beyond the 0.000095 EGLD per transfer over 25 transfers linked to this subscription.

As an example: a campaign with 100 transfers will incur a fee of 0.007125 EGLD and a campaign of 500 will represent a 0.045125 EGLD tx fee allocation.

  1. Write a post on X tagging @PulsarTransfer, mention the amount and the recipient like this: "@PulsarTransfer send 0.7 EGLD to @yourrecipient" - change the amount and the recipients tag. Drive campaign and engage your community. Check out a list of commands:

  1. Post the tweet and the Social Pay process is complete! Here is an example:

Using Social Pay with Discord:

1. Connect Your Discord Account:

To start using Social Pay, link your Discord account to Pulsar Money. You can do this by navigating to the Social Pay section in your Pulsar Money profile settings and selecting the option to connect Discord.

2. Top Up Your Social Payments Account:

Ensure that your Social Payments account has sufficient funds to make the desired transfers. You’ll need to top up your account with the ESDT tokens you want to transfer via Discord. Additionally, keep a small amount of EGLD in your wallet to cover gas fees and monetization charges.

3. Compose Your Message:

In any Discord channel where the Pulsar Money bot is active, compose a message using the following format:

@PulsarTransfer send [amount] [token] to @recipient

>Replace [amount] with the amount you wish to transfer.

> Replace [token] with the type of token (e.g., EGLD, USDC, etc.).

> Replace @recipient with the Discord username of the recipient.

For example:

@PulsarTransfer send 0.7 EGLD to @yourrecipient

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