Payment Links

Simplifying Digital Asset Transfers


Payment Links offer a quick and hassle-free way to send and receive funds. Create a unique link, share it with your recipient, and enable them to complete the transfer transparently through a smart contract. This feature simplifies payments for freelance services, online sales, or even splitting bills.

With the increasing need for quick and reliable payment methods, Pulsar.Money Payment Links offer a user-friendly and versatile solution. Whether you are a freelancer looking to streamline payments from clients, an e-commerce business seeking to simplify the checkout process, or an individual needing to manage shared expenses, Payment Links provide a straightforward and efficient way to handle transfers in the digital economy.

Let's guide you through a few simple steps to create your first Payment Link with Pulsar Money:

  1. Access the Feature Log in to your Pulsar Money account and navigate to the Payment Links section. Here, you will find options to “Request” or “Send” payment links.

  1. Pick Your Option Click on either “Request” or “Send” to start configuring your payment.

  1. Configure Your Payment Specify the transaction details such as the amount, currency, and recipient information. Customize the Payment Link by adding the recipient’s name, setting a token amount , and including a description. You can even attach a GIF to the link for a personalised touch.

  1. Agree and Send Once you have configured your payment details, check the agree box and click “Send.” Sign and submit the transaction with your wallet. After that, send the link to your recipient.

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