Social Pay FAQ


What are Social Payments?

Social Payments is a feature of Pulsar Money that enables users to make digital asset transfers through social media platforms like X and Discord. This feature simplifies and enhances digital financial interactions by integrating blockchain transfers with social engagement.

Can I use Social Smart Payments on all social media platforms?

Currently, Social Smart Payments debutes on Twitter and Discord. There is constant work on expanding the Hub and coverage of other social media platforms is underway.

What tokens can I use for Social Payments?

Social Payments currently supports a range of tokens, including EGLD, USDC, and various ESDT tokens. For the latest list of supported tokens, please refer to the Supported Tokenspage.

Are there any fees associated with Social Payments?

Social Payments have two subscription plans

1. Freemium: Up to 25 transfers per day and a maximum of 3 campaigns per day at no cost.

2. Premium: For transfers exceeding the 25 daily limit, a small fee of 0.000095 EGLD per transfer is applied. No additional activation fee is required for the Premium Subscription.

How do I activate the Premium Subscription for Social Payments?

To activate the Premium Subscription, go to the Profile section of your Pulsar Money account and select the Pulsar PRO Subscription. This allows you to exceed the 25 daily transfer limit with a small fee per additional transfer.

Can I manage multiple campaigns with Social Payments?

Yes, Social Payments allows for multiple campaigns, enabling you to handle batch transactions and pay up to 1000 recipients simultaneously. This is ideal for digital marketers, influencers, and businesses running social promotions or giveaways.

How do I track the status of my Social Payments transactions?

You can track the status of your Social Payments transactions using the the Pulsar Money explorer. Each transaction is recorded on the blockchain.

What should I do if a Social Payments transaction fails?

If a transaction fails, check the details to ensure all information is correct and that your wallet has sufficient funds. If the issue persists, contact Pulsar Money support for assistance.

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