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Pulsar Money Documentation - Business Section

Pulsar Money Business is specifically tailored for companies looking for efficient solutions in the blockchain space. It focuses on saving time and resources, enabling businesses to concentrate on their core product development. This platform handles complex infrastructure elements, allowing startups to channel their efforts into innovation and product enhancement.

Key Business Modules Modules

Social Pay

Social Pay is an creative tool for businesses looking to engage their communities. It facilitates campaigns and token or NFT transfers in response to user interactions on Twitter and Discord. This feature is designed to elevate community engagement and enhance social media outreach.


The Vesting module is customized for startups and investors, providing a secure and transparent way to manage token distributions. It allows detailed control over payment increments and addresses, ensuring seamless management and monitoring of vested assets.


The Airdrop module is designed for projects launching airdrops. It offers a , customizable, and integrated approach, key in reshaping the launch strategy of major projects on MultiversX, bringing the project far in terms of tokenholders, increasing the user base, and enhancing overall project traction.


This module revolutionizes how businesses handle payable invoices. It provides a blockchain-based invoicing system, enabling businesses to create, send, and manage invoices efficiently. This tool is ideal for ESDT and stablecoin transfers, reducing platform fees and increasing transaction speed. An off-ramp to fiat currency will also be introduced.


Vaults are tailored for projects requiring transparency and security for their tokens. This feature facilitates the locking of liquidity or tokens in a secure smart contract. Partnerships with DEXes ensure continued yield accrual from liquidity pool tokens, combining security with reward optimization.

Business-Specific Functionalities

While some modules, such as Social Pay, Vesting, and Airdrop, are shared across both personal and business platforms, their functionalities in Pulsar Business are specifically tailored to suit corporate needs, with distinct designs and features.

Pulsar Business offers an intuitive interface, designed for quick and easy access to all modules. Each module is optimized for business use, with clear instructions and user-friendly design ensuring that businesses can effectively utilize each feature to its full potential.

Future Developments

Pulsar Money is committed to continuously evolving and adding new functionalities to its Business platform, catering to the growing and diverse needs of the business community within the blockchain space.

This documentation serves as your guide to harnessing the potential of Pulsar Money Business, streamlining your operations and maximizing your engagement in the digital finance arena.

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