🪙Token Vaults

Vaults for ESDT Tokens

Treasury and further Token Allocation Vaults act similar as Liquidity Vaults/Lockers but are dedicated for ESDT tokenmetrics allocations that are desired to be proven to the community as locked for a period of time. Let's have as an example the Treasury funds or the Marketing allocation for year 2 & 3.

These type of Vaults can accomodate any type of ESDT tokens (MultiversX Standard Digital Tokens) and again it creates an assurance for the user base that these funds are not going to be used in a malicious manner. The tokenmetrics can be kept as the blueprint of the way the funds are going to be used at all times and Smart Contracts are going to enforce this at all times.

Creating a treasury vault on Pulsar Money is simple by using the Vaults Section in the dApp interface. Tutorials and guides are going to be published soon in the Guides section.

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