Increase Privacy of your Project through the power of Smart Contracts
Liquidity Vaults are a powerful tool for managing token listings on decentralized exchanges (DEXs) and ensuring the stability of liquidity pools. Project owners can lock their LP tokens for a set period of time, protecting against rug pulls and building trust with investors.
In Pulsar Money App Vaults
Pulsar Money Vaults/Lockers are an essential tool for liquidity on DEXs and protecting the community against rug pulls and increasing transperancy. They allow developers to lock their LP tokens/treasury funds in a smart contract for a set period of time, ensuring that the tokens are safe and secure. Pulsar Money Vaults are reliable for developers looking to increase transparency leveraging technical tooling.
Pulsar Money Liquidity Vaults can be used on two verticals
Creating a Vault on Pulsar Money is simple by using the Vaults Section in the dApp interface. Tutorials and guides are going to be published soon in the Guides section.