Supported Tokens

Pulsar Money's Social Payments module currently integrates a range of tokens to enhance the user experience. The supported tokens are:
  • EGLD (MultiversX)
  • BTC (wrapped Bitcoin on MultiversX)
  • ETH (wrapped Ethereum on MultiversX)
  • USDC (USD Coin)
  • USDT (Tether)
  • BUSD (Binance USD)
  • UTK (Utrust)
  • MEX (xExchange Token)
  • RIDE (Holoride)
  • SUPER (PeerMe)
  • ZPAY (Zoidpay)
  • ONE (ONE Dex)
  • RARE (SuperRareBearsToken)
  • HYPE (Hype Memecoin*)
  • BHAT (Black Hat Network)
  • CYBER(Cyberpunk City)
As the crypto landscape evolves, the platform plans to consistently incorporate more tokens.

Token Integration Suggestions

Recognizing that users might have preferences for tokens that aren't yet integrated into the Hub. In this manner Pulsar Money has set up a form for users to submit their interest in adding specific tokens to the Social Payments module.
To submit a token integration suggestion, users are directed to the following link:
Each submission will be assessed individually, and considerations will be made based on user preferences.
This page will be regularly updated to reflect the latest additions to the supported tokens on Pulsar Money's Social Payments. Check back regularly for updates.