Social Payments

Simplest and most interactive way of making ESDT transfers

Introducing Social Payments, one of the modules of the Pulsar Money Smart Payments Hub, set to shape the on-chain transfers landscape. Seamlessly integrating social media with blockchain transactions, it offers a unique, user-centric approach to instant ESDT token transfers on the MultiversX network.


Social Payments is one of the most interactive features of Pulsar Money set to redefine social media interactions between its users. This feature leverages the power of social media to simplify and enhance digital transactions.

Social Payments allows users to make effortless and instant ESDT token transfers on the MultiversX network through social media platforms, with the initial rollout focusing on Twitter. This unique and user-centric approach transforms the conventional digital payment experience, opening up new possibilities for interactions between users, social media campaigns and payments at large.

Getting Started with Social Smart Payments

To start using Social Smart Payments, you will need to simply connect on Pulsar Money and associate your Twitter account. You'll be guided through a few simple steps to connect your social media account and set up Social Smart Payments. The whole process is a few clicks away and once done you would need to just top up your Social Payments account

Features of Social Smart Payments

1. Seamless Payments on Social Media

Social Payments merges the world of social media with digital payments. By simply mentioning '@PulsarMoney' along with the recipient's handle on Twitter, users can initiate a transfer of EGLD, USDC or any ESDT based token. This bridges the gap between social engagement and blockchain, bringing a fresh and exciting dynamic to the digital payments realm.

2. Advanced Campaign Management

A stand-out feature of Social Smart Payments is the ability to manage advanced campaigns that include batch transactions. Users can make payments to up to 100 recipients simultaneously, based on various social interactions such as likes, shares, and comments. This functionality makes it an ideal tool for digital marketers, influencers, and businesses running social promotions or giveaways.

3. Transparency

Maintaining the principles of blockchain, Social Smart Payments ensures high-level transparency for every transaction. Users can check the status of each transaction, with each payment verifiable on the MultiversX blockchain explorer or on the Pulsar Money explorer page.

Use Case Examples

1. Peer-to-Peer Transfers

John wants to send MEX, an ESDT token on MultiversX, to his friend, Mary, as a birthday gift. Rather than going through the conventional transaction process, John simply tags '@PulsarMoney' and '@Mary' in a Twitter post together with the amount to transfer the tokens instantly.

2. Social Media Promotions

A digital marketing agency is running a Twitter campaign for their client, rewarding the first 100 users who retweet their post with a certain amount of USDC tokens. By using Social Payments, they can effortlessly send the rewards to all winners simultaneously, enhancing efficiency and user experience and on top of that: everything happening directly on Twittter in an interactive manner.

3. Influencer Engagement

An influencer organizes a Q&A session on Twitter, granting a token reward for the best questions. Using Social Smart Payments, they can easily distribute the token rewards to the selected participants based on their answers. Simply electing the most relevant questions and transferring the gratitude rewards instantly.

In conclusion, Social Smart Payments stands as a novel feature of Pulsar Money, transforming how we perceive and execute digital payments on Social Media. By seamlessly integrating your social interactions and blockchain transactions, it paves the way for a new, exciting era the way we integrate gamification models, means of transfers and interactions between friends. Try it out today to experience the future of social media transactions!

Updates and Future Enhancements:

We're focused to continuously improving and expanding the features of Social Smart Payments. Keep an eye on this section for information about planned updates and upcoming enhancements to the platform. Submit any feedback, suggestions or ideas on the following link. Your input is greatly appreciated!


Q1: What is Social Smart Payments? A: Social Smart Payments is a feature of the Pulsar Money Smart Payments Hub that enables seamless on-chain transactions through social media platforms. It's a novel solution designed to merge social interactions with blockchain transactions.

Q2: How do I link my social media account to Social Smart Payments? A: After connecting on Pulsar Money, you can link your social media account by going to the Social Payments section. There, you'll find a straightforward process to connect your social media account and set up Social Smart Payments in a matter of a few clicks.

Q3: Can I use Social Smart Payments on all social media platforms? A: Currently, Social Smart Payments debutes on Twitter. There is constant work on improving the Hub. Coverage of other platforms is something in exploration.

Q4: What is Viral Pay/batch transactions? A: Viral Pay/Batch transactions are a feature of Social Smart Payments that allows users to plan and execute multiple transactions simultaneously. This feature is especially useful for managing large volumes of transfers or social media campaigns.

Q5: What if I encounter problems while using Social Smart Payments? A: If you experience any issues while using Social Smart Payments, please refer to the Feedback and Bug reports form. If you can't find a solution, don't hesitate to contact our community team on Telegram or Discord.

Q6: How do I stay updated with new features and enhancements of Social Smart Payments? A: For updates and information on upcoming enhancements to Social Smart Payments, keep an eye on the @PulsarMoney Twitter account or telegram channel.

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