Smart Transfers

Leverage the power of Programmable Payments

Utilise the dApp to create real time and automatised payments. The Platform enables through the technical solutions new ways of designing payment solutions to suit various agreements between parties.

Pulsar Money is the go-to solution for managing payrolls for employees, freelancers, service providers, and contractors on one hand. On the other hand companies can seamlessly implement pay per second, pay per use, micropayments and advanced contractual agreements.

The Protocol offers powerful and configurable features that give you full control over the payroll/streaming process. Creating a Pulsar Payment is easy - all you need is a MultiversX wallet, some $EGLD or/and ESDT token like $USDC, $BUSD or $MEX. For setting up the streaming you can utilise the interface at (for testing purposes) or for using the mainnet protocol.

You have the option to create a stream both cancellable and immutable. An Example is also available in the FAQ Section. The following scenarios will apply if a stream is cancelled:

  • Before the start time: the whole deposit amount is returned in full.

  • During the streaming process: the Smart Contract calculates the amount that has been streamed

A feature that is in progress and will significantly improve the architecture is the refill and extend function to an active stream.

Pulsar Money brings significant benefits for both the employer and the employees, by making the whole payroll system bankless and paperless, you only need a decentralized wallet account, funds, and the wallet addresses of employees to set up payroll streams. It saves you time and money, and makes sure that the payroll process is transparent and efficient.

Using the Streaming Function on Pulsar Money is simple by using the Pulsar Payments Section in the dApp interface. Tutorials and guides are going to be published soon in the Guides section.

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