Payment Links

Payment Links enable users to create a unique URL that can be shared with others for the purpose of transferring digital assets. These links utilize smart contract technology to ensure efficient and transparent transactions.

How does it work?

  1. Accessing the Feature: Log in to your Pulsar Money account with your wallet and navigate to the Payment Links section.

  2. Creation of the Link: You can initiate the process by creating a unique payment link through the Pulsar Money platform. This involves specifying the transaction details such as amount, currency, and recipient information.

  3. Customization Options: Customize the Payment Link by adding the recipient's name, setting a token limit, and including a description. For an added touch of creativity, you can even attach a GIF to the link.

  4. Sharing: After generating a Payment Link, you can distribute it through email, messaging apps, social media, or by directly copying and pasting the link to the recipient.

  5. Using the Link: Recipients click on the link and are directed to complete the transaction by connecting their own wallets.


  • Payment Links come with various customization options. Users can set expiration dates, transaction limits, and specific conditions, tailoring each link to suit their unique transaction needs and preferences.


  • Maintaining the principles of blockchain, Social Smart Payments ensures high-level transparency for every transaction. Users can check the status of each transaction, with each payment verifiable on the MultiversX blockchain explorer or on the Pulsar Money explorer

Instant Processing

  • Transactions via Payment Links are processed quickly, offering immediate and efficient transfer of assets, crucial for time-sensitive payments.

Quick Business Payments

  • For a small business owner like Tom, Payment Links streamline transactions with suppliers. He generates a link for the agreed amount and sends it directly to his supplier. The supplier quickly completes the payment using the link, simplifying the transaction process.

Personal Fund Transfers

  • Emily wants to lend money to her friend Jack. She creates a Payment Link and sends it to Jack. He clicks the link and receives the funds instantly. This method proves much more efficient than traditional bank transfers.

Retail Checkout Integration

  • An online boutique incorporates Payment Links into their checkout system. Customers select their items and receive a Payment Link for payment. This integration offers a swift and user-friendly way for customers to complete their purchases.

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