Pulsar Money Invoice is a web-based application designed to effortlessly create and manage crypto-supported invoices. It offers a transparent and intuitive platform for both personal and business invoicing needs. Users can easily share invoices via email, messaging apps, or even a simple URL.

How does it work?

1. Wallet Connection

  • Network and Wallet Support: Log in to your Pulsar Money account with your wallet and navigate to the Invoicing Portal.

2. Creating an Invoice

  • Navigate to 'Create Invoice' on your dashboard.
  • Fill in the invoice details:
    • Invoice Title
    • Customer Name
    • Currency Selection
    • Amount
    • Message
  • Click 'Create Invoice' to finalize.
  • After creation, share the unique invoice URL through:
    • URL copy to clipboard
    • Sharing via WhatsApp, Telegram, Twitter
    • Email with the invoice link included

4. Paying for the Invoice

  • Recipients can access the invoice through the unique URL.
  • Payment Methods:
    • Payment Link: Scan using a mobile wallet app and process the payment.
    • Wallet Extension: Choose 'Pay with Extension', select your wallet, and complete the transaction.
  • Enter an email address to receive a payment receipt or confirmation.

Managing Pulsar Money Invoice

1. Checking Invoice Status

  • Invoices display one of three statuses:
    • Pending: Ready to receive payment.
    • Paid: Payment made and processing.
    • Revoked: Canceled by the issuer.
  • For detailed status, visit the invoice's detail page.

2. Canceling an Invoice

  • Issuers can cancel invoices using the 'Cancel Invoice' button, applicable only to pending invoices.
  • Canceled invoices redirect payers to a confirmation page upon accessing the link or refreshing the browser.