Frequently Asked Questions


Where can I access Pulsar Money?
The dApp can be accessed via the following means:
*Through collaborations and integrations Pulsar Money will be available through numerous other platforms and interfaces. A dedicated powerful SDK will also grant the ability to easily add the payment solutions on other Platforms for reasons such as paying subscription per second, exactly for what you are using.

Social Payments

Send and Receive Functions. How do they work?
When you send: You need to top up the Social Payments Smart Contract balance. The amount of tokens you have in the Social Payments section is the one you can send on Twitter by simply tweeting about.
When you receive. You get the amount you receive directly in your wallet that you have connected to the Pulsar Money dApp and associated your Twitter account. In this way you will get the funds in the wallet of which you have the private keys, completely owned by you.
Integrated tokens
Currently you can see the already supported tokens via the following docs link: https://docs.pulsar.money/products/social-payments/supported-tokens
More tokens are going to be added on a daily basis to reach the whole #MultiversX community. You can submit your interest for a specific token to be integrated at the following link: https://54oownhzrer.typeform.com/to/a6vy1Pff?typeform-source=docs.pulsar.money
Additionally, we are going to run periodically campaigns for adding more tokens. Stay tuned to partcipate in pools and voting sessions for the next projects to be onboarded.
Whenever you are sending a transactino on Twitter you are going to have in a matter of moments a reply from @pulsarmoney (the official account) giving you a link to the explorer page for the transaction.
Here is an example for a SimpleSend explorer link: https://beta.pulsar.money/explorer/1665649192000184321
Here is an example for a BatchTranscation (ViralPay) explorer link: https://beta.pulsar.money/explorer/1665442136135802880
You can identify in the explorer page important metrics such as sender, receiver, amount, tx hash and many more.
Adittinoally, on beta.pulsar.money on the Social Payments Module page you are going to have a whole Dashboard dedicated to your account mentioning the history, your best friends, gamification module and many more things. Find it here: https://beta.pulsar.money/social-pay

Smart Transfers

What does Assets Streaming refer to?
Payments nowadays are done on longer time frames, are rigid and not programmable at a high level. Assets streaming offers the ability to initiate a channel between 2 or more entities that facilitates real time blockchain assets transfers.
In other words you can pay or be payed each second/hour or via any time interval. Imagine in this way that you can receive your salary during each second you are working on your tasks or that you can pay for the services or subscriptions as you use them instead of paying a monthly fee. Further more use cases
A visual of the Pulsar Money Use cases can be found at the end of this FAQ section
What are the supported tokens in the Pulsar Money dApp?
Main tokens supported by the dApp are going to be $EGLD, the protocol token of the MultiversX Network, and stablecoins such as $USDC, $BUSD and $USDT.
Further MultiversX Ecosystem tokens are going to be integrated in the dApp as well and are going to be shown to any user that holds a balance in the respective token. You can take a look on the following page for more details.
Are Streams cancellable? What happens when a stream is cancelled?
Yes, streams are cancellable if they have been created by the Sender in this way. Alternatively, the Send can also choose to create an immutable transaction that will be not able to be cancelled or modified and will serve as a very transparent and secure proof for the Receiver that the Payment is going to be completed no matter of other parameters.
When a Stream is canceled, the Sender will receive the part of the payment that hasn't been allocated for the Receiver based on the elapsed time, while the Receiver will still be able to claim the amount he has the rights to claim.
Let's say Alice has initiated a streaming of 1 year to Bob and and has cancelled it after 3 months (25% of the time).
  1. 1.
    Alice will receive 75% of the amount back.
  2. 2.
    Bob will be able to still claim the 25% of the stream. He is entailed to do so as the 25% of the streaming period has passed.
What are the fees processed by the Pulsar Money protocol for Smart Transfers?
Pulsar Money has a small service fee ranging between 0% to 0,4% on top of the amount the user will interact with the protocol. This fee will be able to be adjusted and in the first bootstrapping period it will be reduced significantly.
On top of the Pulsar Money service fee there is going to be additionally the MultiversX transaction fee. However, as Pulsar Money is build efficiently and leverages a highly performant Layer 1 infrastructure: the Blockchain fee is going to be low and will be as well shown in the wallet solution you are interacting with.
Use Cases